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Bath-Tub-Moving--bath-tub-moving.jpg-imageMule Movers offers professional bath tub moving services for local residents. Our team of experienced movers are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to safely transport your bath tub from one location to another. We understand that a bath tub is not only heavy, but also fragile, which is why we take extra care in handling it during the move.

Our process begins with an assessment of your current and new locations to determine the best approach for moving your bath tub without causing any damage or harm. We will then carefully disassemble any parts if needed before wrapping them securely in protective materials such as blankets or bubble wrap.

Once everything has been properly secured, our team will use specialized dollies and straps designed specifically for transporting large items like bathtubs. They will load it onto our truck using ramps or lifts depending on accessibility at both locations.

Upon arrival at your new home, we'll unload everything carefully while ensuring no damages occur along the way. Finally, we'll reassemble all parts back together so you can enjoy soaking in your newly moved bathtub stress-free!

At Mule Movers, customer satisfaction is always our top priority when providing reliable and efficient bathtub moving services locally!

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