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Mule Movers Piano Moving Services

Piano-Moving--in-Boise-Idaho-piano-moving-boise-idaho.jpg-imageMule Movers is a professional piano moving service provider in Boise, Idaho. We understand that pianos are delicate and valuable instruments that require special care during transportation. Our team of experienced movers has the expertise to handle all types of pianos, including grand pianos, uprights, spinets, and more.

Our piano moving services include:

1) Pre-move consultation: Before we begin any move, our team will conduct an on-site inspection to assess the size and weight of your piano as well as any potential obstacles or challenges involved in transporting it safely.

2) Packing and loading: Once we have assessed your piano's needs for safe transportations; our expert movers will carefully pack it using specialized equipment such as padded blankets & straps before loading onto one of our trucks designed specifically for this purpose.

3) Transportation: During transit from point A to B (or C), you can rest assured knowing that your instrument is being transported by professionals who know how important these pieces are! We use only air-ride equipped vehicles with climate control systems ensuring optimal conditions throughout its journey!

4) Unpacking & Setup - Upon arrival at destination location(s), we'll unpack everything so there won't be anything left behind except memories made while playing beautiful music together again soon enough!

At Mule Movers Piano Moving Services in Boise Idaho – You can trust us with every aspect related to relocating your beloved musical instrument because "We Move Pianos Safely!"